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Dreamy Touch Collection

The mission: I created a collection for a sports apparel brand that focuses on yoga wear, also values spirituality, health, and comfort. 

I started my search by studying competitors and trends that were relevant at the time.

I chose concepts and colors based on the yogini's lifestyle. 

Colors are inspired by nature with the purpose of creating a sense of comfort and warmth with earthy neutrals and a contrast of blue.


Based on the Brands Values, I decided to find fabric mill factories that had recycled highly functional fabrics to provide the clients with comfort, function, and environmentally friendly materials.


Based on the concept and the previous study on competition brands, I created an assortment plan board and Line-up with colored technical flats in Adobe Illustrator. to show the cohesiveness of the collection.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png

Prototyped looks from the collection Clo 3d to show diversity and color in the collection.

line up.png
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