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This collection and our team was showcased by

 «Les nouvelles lettres persanes »The New Persian Letters,Volume 25.

Our team decided to focus on architectural landmarks and took a minimalistic approach to the Golestan Palace as our inspiration. We took the time to visit and photographed the site. I looked at all the elements with a fresh eye to create modern silhouettes.

Process Design

For preliminary research, we went to the palace taking pictures from the site. We created fabrics by weaving ribbons and laser cutting fabrics to replicate the patterns we found in the ceilings and doors of the Palace.

My main role in this project was designer and pattern maker.


Special thanks to our creative  director: Sara Mahdian

Design Team: Sepideh Tavakoli, Maryam Sarafzade, Mojgan Irannejad, Majid Babarahimi, Fatemeh Bayat, Bahareh Motiee, Maryam tayebi

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